The Factory

The technology

3_fOver the years ZOLI has been able to successfully address the need of increased productivity without giving up any old gun making principles and finding the right balance between traditions and technology.

When ZOLI shotguns were manufactured on very traditional pieces of equipment such as with files, lathes, grinding machines and sandpaper, the quality of the products was the master gunmaker’s responsibility. Today, the professionalism and skills of our craftsmen still play a very important role especially in the final finishing and testing stages. However the designing and engineering stages and the actual production process are now completely computer controlled. Next to designers with pencils and universal drafting devices, ZOLI now employs computer experts fluent in 3D Cad/Cam systems who can implement “real time” changes to the cosmetic and the mechanics of our guns.

Our parts and mechanisms are no longer checked by manual gauges but by computerized measuring devices which can detect even the smallest deviation for the required tolerance. 24/7 our CNC equipment produces actions, fore-end irons, trigger groups, barrel monoblocs, frames and locking bolts. Every operation from the easiest to the most complicated one is controlled by our technicians’ expert eyes with the support of 3D testing machines to verify conformity.

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The assembly

Even if continuously updated and modernized, the barrel department in our company is still very traditional.
ZOLI has always been renowned for the ballistic quality and performance of its products which comes from 60 years of experience and a production philosophy that goes well above and beyond modern technology.

When we make barrels we follow very traditional principles even if that means needing more human resources, having less productivity and higher costs. The images below partly show that the success of the ZOLI brand on the market is not only the result of a continuous effort, but of a vision, of an alternative way where technology and the best manual skills are perfectly combined.

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