All-Rounder for International team members

Last weekend our shooter Roland Morris with his Z-Gun won the All-Rounder for International team members in Ireland with a score of 95/100


For Roland Morris this year has certainly been one to remember! In fact he has achieved many victories with his Z-Gun. Here below you will find the main ones:

  • Inter-Team Challenge All-Rounder HIGH GUN
  • High Gun in Suffolk Championships Super Sporting competition in England
  • No.1 in FITASC team qualifiers
  • Senior and Overall Ireland High gun at Home International Sporting
  • Runner-up in Sporting Home International Captains Cup
  • No.1 in Sporting team Qualifiers and Team Captain
  • FITASC Irish Close Champion
  • Sporting Leinster Champion
  • Bray Championships champion
  • Sporting Irish Close Champion
  • Cedar Brook FITASC champion
  • All-Ireland winning team captain
  • Leinster Champion team captain
  • Various Registered High Guns in Sporting and FITASC
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